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GTA4: PSM3's Review
20.02.2008, 15:15
Author: Alex

The journalists of the PSM magazine have played seven missions of GTA IV during four hours. Here are the impressions. The magazine officially comes out on february 25th.

- According to the journalists, the first hands-on minutes of the game are enough to understand how the game is gonna kick ass.
- Liberty City has more streets than any other game in the genre.
- You cannot enter into every building, but you can interact with most of them.
- No property management, neither gang management nor trade management.
- Instead of that, we'll have bowling, dart games, drinking spree in pub, strip-club and night club.
- The core of GTA IV is all about the human relationship.
- Sometimes, your contacts may call you during hard mission to ask you a service, you have to choose between the mission or your contact.
- If you are annoying your contact, you may assume the consequences.
- The impression of a breathing city is, again, absolutely stunning.
- The density of the population (peds) changes between the place/borough you are.
- If you walk around the street with a gun in your hand, peds who have a cellphone can call the police.
- While we tried to high-jack a car, the scared bastard go so fast that he hit 2 cars.
- During the first mission, we tried to high jack a car without gun, then the driver beat up niko, who finished at the hospital.
- Peds react in a very realistic way, like they lead their own life.
- We played seven missions during four hours, the devs tell us that it's a very very small portion of the game.
- 15 minutes were necessary to go through 2/3 of manhattan by a boat, and 10 minutes were needed to drive thorugh brooklyn/central park by car.
- The cars can be destroyed very realisticly, every parts can fold.
- More variety of missions.
- Clipping has gone and the game is smooth.
- If you press the jump bouton, niko can climb everywhere, you can also move straft left or right while you're hung at something (assassin's creed style).
- There is a swimming club.
- If you have 5 stars, it's very difficult to escape from the cops, they are everywhere and they don't joke with you and this time, they are really clever.
- While boast trip, the sfx are awsome, you can hear the sound of the waves that beat the cockle of the boat, wonderful !
- With powerful weapons, you can shoot through walls.
- The weather : we've seen fog, rain, sun, clouds, variety of colours depend of what time it is, soo beautiful.
- This time around, for the first time in a gta, if you die you go to the hospital and you paye $100, but you keep all of your weapons.
- But if we go to jail, we must pay a lot more and we no more have our weapons .
- While you are drunk, it's very difficult to control niko, the drunk sensation is perfectly done.
- When we steal a car the pedestrian can hung his car and they are gliding on the road.
- When we make a crime, choppers arrive with searchlights to follow you through the city.
- We've seen some striptease in a prositute club after paying the chicks.
- After a big crash on the freeway, Niko get ejected through the window and he lost some health.
- Depend on which bourogh you are, peds speak different language which depends on their origin
- Healthkits are only available in the buildings.
- Grenades and cocktail molotov's sfx and effects are really amazing!

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