Off-Topic: Video Contest Winner
10.03.2013, 13:40
Author: Alex

Some weeks ago, our GTA IV funniest moments video contest has started. Lots of funny videos were send to us and we would like to present you the best videos now: The first prize goes to Roman A. from Germany for his video "Gags and Funny Stuff":

Roman, we wish you a lot of fun with the exclusive "Vice City 10th Anniversary Package" which was sponsored by Rockstar Games!

These are the videos that made ​​it to the final round of the contest:

Futhermore, we would like to thank all who have submitted a video. Attention: This was not the last contest on GTAinside. Stay tuned for more special and exclusive prizes!

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Alex de
"GTAinside Staff"
GTAinside Staff
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11.03.2013, 10:49

The contest is over. The seven videos above were the best of all submitted videos.
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11.03.2013, 07:45

amazing my video was actually liked in the top 6 :D

what does final rounds mean is the contest not yet over?
10.03.2013, 22:55

nice , very nice , Im the 4th , I think the first 3 arent so funny -.-"
10.03.2013, 18:18

hello fas as you level up without these direct links on servers? to use on my blog too
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