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Downloads: Holiday Update
26.12.2011, 14:35
Autor: Alex

I hope you're enjoying your holidays. If there is some time left between the meals, take a look at the newest modifications we're sharing:


- BMW M3 e92 335i (GTA:SA)
- 2002 Honda S2000 Tuning (GTA4)
- 2004 Honda S2000 (GTA4)
- Santa Sled (GTA4)
- Peugeot 106 GTi Quality (GTA:SA)
- Renault Flash Turbo Coupe Tuning (GTA:SA)
- Opel Manta Gt/E (GTA:SA)
- Booster Quad (GTA:SA)
- 1999 Ford Fiesta (GTA:SA)
- Jeep Grand Cherokee [Beta] (GTA4)
- BMW 318i Touring V1.0 (GTA4)
- Land Rover Defender 110 (GTA4)
- 1983 Ford E-150 Short Commercial Van (GTA3)
- Renault Megane RS (GTA:SA)
- Jaguar XJ220 (GTA:SA)
- Porsche 997 GT3 RSR (GTA:SA)
- Audi Nuvolari Quattro 2004 Concept (GTA4)
- 1979 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe (GTA4)
- Chevrolet Captiva 2010 (GTA4)
- Acura RSX TypeS v1.0 (GTA4)
- 1959 Chevrolet El Camino Custom (GTA4)
- 1969 Dodge Charger RT v1.0 (GTA4)
- 1969 Dodge Charger RT tun v1.1 (GTA4)
- Colin McRae R4 (GTA:SA)
- 2006 Hennessey Ford GT1000 (GTA4)
- McLaren F1 Road Car (GTA:SA)
- Audi R8 (GTA4)
- BMW Z4 sDrive 35is (GTA:SA)
- 2011 BMW 760iL (GTA4)
- Volvo 9700 (GTA:SA)
- 2003 Ford Mustang GT (GTA:SA)

- Stories of Carl Johnson Folge 2 (GTA:SA)

- Ramp #7 (GTA4)
- Snow Akina (GTA4)
- Lil Gymkhana V2 (GTA4)
- Ramp Water Slide (GTA4)

- Mortal Transform (GTA:SA)
- View House (GTA4)
- New Mansion (GTA:VC)
- Realism Series - Rain & Thunder (GTA4)
- Sweet ENB Next Generation (GTA:SA)
- Samsung Galaxy S 2 (GTA4)
- Traffic Lights Fix v1.1 (GTA4)
- Ferrari 458 Italia Sound (GTA:SA)
- Tupac Rap Mod (GTA:SA)

- Adidas Jacket Pack (GTA4)
- Assassin Creed BrotherHood Ezio Seusenhofer Armor (GTA4)
- Resident Evil 5 Jill (GTA4)
- Devil May Cry 4 Nero (GTA4)
- Skull Shirt (GTA:SA)
- Mass Effect 2 Lieutenant Commander Shepard (GTA4)
- Mortal Kombat Stryker (GTA4)
- COD Swat Team (GTA4)
- CSS GSG9 Cop Ped (GTA4)
- Dark Wingsuit (GTA:SA)
- CJ Dwarf V2 (GTA:SA)

- AMD-65 (GTA:SA)

Check out the categories on the left navigation to download these mods. If you have any problems installing our files, you can get help in our forums or try the board search. Furthermore, you can also find some Tutorials here.

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