Downloads: Big Update
04.05.2010, 21:22
Author: Alex

These are the newest modifications you can find on

- Duble D EFLC (GTA4)
- NRG-500 Headhunterz Skin (GTA:SA)

- Ford Cargo 1830 (GTA4)
- Ferrari California (GTA4)
- Saleen S5S Raptor (GTA3)
- Porsche Cayenne Magnum (GTA4)
- School Bus (GTA4)
- Chevrolet Caprice 2010 (GTA:SA)
- Bentley Continental GT v2 (GTA4)
- Camo APC (GTA4)
- Iveco Turbo Daily (GTA:SA)
- 1946 Chevy C.O.E. (beta) (GTA:SA)
- NYPD Police Chevrolet Impala (GTA4)
- Acura Integra Type-R (GTA4)
- Lexus IS300 (GTA:SA)
- BMW 325i v2 (GTA:SA)
- VW Golf Mk3 GTI Tuning (GTA:SA)
- Baja Buggy (GTA:SA)
- Trail Monster V.1.0 (GTA:SA)
- SFPD K9 Unit Ford Crown Victoria (GTA4)
- Fiat 500C (GTA:SA)
- Opel Corsa Super 1600 (GTA:SA)
- Fiat 500 (GTA:SA)
- 1992 Citroen XM (GTA:SA)
- 1994 BMW M3 E36 (GTA:SA)
- 1993 Citroen Xantia (GTA:SA)
- Opel Astra 3 Door 1,6 TDi Normal (GTA:SA)
- Ford Focus ST (MkII) 2005 (GTA4)
- Audi Quattro Group B (GTA4)
- 1999 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GTA4)
- Fiat T20 Coupe (GTA4)

- F-104 Super Starfighter (GTA:SA)

- The Lost Gangs Mod (GTA:SA)
- 50cent Ped (GTA:SA)
- Liberty Fire Department Textures (GTA4)
- YakuZa Peds (GTA:SA)
- Velocimetro BBS Speedo (GTA4)
- Special Parked Cars v1.2 (GTA4)

- VegatIV (GTA4)
- Cell shading ENB Serien Mod (GTA4)

- Brown Jacket (GTA4)
- Karachi City Traffic Uniform (GTA4)
- Chocolate T-shirt (GTA:SA)
- Muse Resistance T-shirt (GTA:SA)
- Monster Energy Parachute (GTA4)
- New Look Luis v1 (GTA4)
- Citizen watch (GTA:SA)
- Redskins Jacket (GTA4)
- Ferrari Shirt (GTA:SA)
- Red Bull Parachute (GTA4)
- Seiko watch (GTA:SA)
- Nike Shirt (GTA:SA)
- Chelsea FC (GTA:SA)
- Bully Tommy (GTA:VC)
- Samsung i900 Omnia (GTA:SA)

Check out the categories on the left navigation to download these mods. If you have any problems installing our files, you can get help in our forums or try the board search. Furthermore, you can also find some Tutorials here.

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26.05.2010, 22:26

is very good my congratulations
13.05.2010, 19:48

kako naj dodam mod
v igro
Jay Jay
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05.05.2010, 19:41

still waitin for the GT500 form gone in 60 seconds.
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