GTA4: Games Aktuell 04/08
15.03.2008, 12:25
Author: Death Row

Today the subscribers of the German magazine "Games Aktuell" received the newest issue of the magazine. It includes some information about the single and multiplayer mode.





This is a short extract of the article:

"We would have liked to go into Deathmatch with Niko, Roman or Brucie. But we had to play with some unknown guy - we just could change his sex and look a bit - that was it. But of course there will be much more clothings and characters in the final version. [...] We were able to see where to find rocket launchers, the next uzi, healthpacks, bulletproof wests and of course we could spot friends and enemies on the map.
It's amazing that the map of Liberty City does not loose any of its faszination in the multiplayer. The city is as alive as in the in the singleplayer and there are no graphical differences. But the slightly sluggish controls bother the fun in the multiplayer a little bit. Here the controls are a bit too realistic. Nevertheless it was great fun to shoot, drive and camp."

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20.03.2008, 19:49

Death Row es heisst Singleplayer und nicht Singelplayer ;)
schwenninger junge
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
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16.03.2008, 17:45

das sind ma geile news :D
16.03.2008, 11:39

Macht doch kein Drama wegen den "aka".
Tha Godfather
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16.03.2008, 11:16

"oder" anstatt "auch bekannt als" ist SEHR frei übersetzt...
Tha Godfather
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16.03.2008, 10:14

aka heißt "also known as" ....
16.03.2008, 08:21

aso wenn das so ist dann versteh ich das auch
15.03.2008, 21:08

nach einer anderen GTA Page soll der Trailer
"Good Lord, What Are You Doing?" aka "Everyone's a Rat", heißen.
Was das aka sein soll weiß ich auch net
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