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GTA V to IV Package V2.2

Author: Sharing GolakMods
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Date: 18.03.2014 | 8026 Downloads
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Have you ever wanted to have Gta V in IV? there is no need to look for it any more, now you can have features of Gta V in IV ! with this is a package you can have a slice of Gta V in IV and EFLC esp the radar/ mini map its like V moved to IV !!

Things you will get in Gta V To IV package:
- Gta V radar/ Mini map
- Gta V crosshair
- Gta V text massage HUD
- Gta V purple way point
- Gta V Blips
- Gta V fight Anims
- Gta V Hiding from cops (Hide in bushes and behind the walls and...)
- Gta V vehicles accident Injury
- Gta V health Healing
- Gta V Fonts
- Gta V Weapons flash light
- Special abilitys
- 5 Wanted stars with gta V star textures

Squared map: XForceP, Sharing (Golak mods)
Radar and Special abilitys: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods), Julio NIB
Wanted stars: Lorenzo3024, Sharing (Golak mods)
Other scripts: Sharing (Golak mods)
Textures: Sharing (Golak mods)
Fonts: TempleOfLight, Dhanuka8000
V Hide: LordOfTheBongs
Do not steal, Do not use in your mods without permission, Do not upload anywhere else without permission.

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GTA V to IV Package V2.2
GTA V to IV Package V2.2 GTA V to IV Package V2.2 GTA V to IV Package V2.2

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