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Brain Control Ver 6.0

Author: HDN
Date: 29.08.2013
Downloads: 8265 (see statistics)
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This mod gives u the power to do anything crazy in the city!!!
If u use the previous version of this mod, remember to delete the old one before add the new one.
[[[]]] Mind Catcher is a basic ability; Brainer uses his mind to catch a prey.
[[[]]] Mind Release is a basic ability; Brainer releases his prey when he has played enough.
[[[]]] Mind Investigate is a primary skill, Brainer use to make the victim tell his (or her) secrets.
[[[]]] Mind Transform is a shape-shifting, defensive ability of the Brainer. This ability allows him to disguise as the current human target.
[[[]]] Mind Fashion is a magic skill, Brainer will access the memory of the preys, find out what they usually wear then get the suit he wants.
[[[]]] Mind Ego is a primary skill, Brainer use this to manifest his true incarnation.
[[[]]] Mind Dirty is a painful, brutal, violent and quick execution skill. Brainer uses his mind to smash the victim into the ground like a baby play with his tiny toy.
[[[]]] Mind Moving is an intermediate skill; Brainer focuses his mind on making an invisible force to give his victim a lift.
[[[]]] Mind Explode is a powerful destructive skill, the ramifications of the victim’s human body will be heated by mind and come to explode.
[[[]]] Mind Hunting is an advanced skill; Brainer frees his mind from his body. The mind floats in the air and finds for its preys.
[[[]]] Mind Clownery is a magic skill; Brainer uses his mind to teleport preys and himself; arranges them the way he likes. This skill will be helpful in a terrible battle, Brainer can never be harmed if he knows how to teleport smartly.
[[[]]] Mind Duty is a master skill of mind, Brainer will try to contact the prey, persuade his victim to do the dirty job for him. Depend on what kinds of the prey, things could happen differently.
If the prey is an officer, he will arrest anyone the Brainer orders.
If the prey is a daredevil, he will attack anyone the brainer wants.
If the prey is a coward, he or she will ignore what the brainer orders and run away.
[[[]]] Mind Dominate is summoning ability; it can only be used by The Brainer master level. The Brainer summons a lot of assassin spirits; they will search and eliminate all the enemies who dare go against their master. These spirits not only kill the enemies, but also collect the money for their master; pretty convenient huh!?
[[[]]] Mind Engineer is another master skill of summoning ability; the Brainer summons a gang of engineer spirits, they will find and destroy all of the mechanical stuffs in the city the way their master commands.
The rule of the engineer spirits:
1. Never burst vehicle’s tire or damage vehicle’s engine when the master sits ON the driver’s seat of that vehicle. (That means when the Brainer uses taxi or helicopter service, they still can damage that vehicle).
2. Never blow up a vehicle when the master sits IN it.
The engineer spirits will instantly deflate a vehicle's tire. The tire still stays intact.
[[[]]] Mind Crazy is a magic skill. The Brainer will use a spell to turn into flying money. Will this make people in New York crazy? Free money huh – That’s crazy!!!
[[[]]] Mind HighJack is an intermediate skill. Brainer will focus on a vehicle and take it in a blink. Take what you get, give nothing back!!! Doesn’t it sound like pirate!?
[[[]]] Mind Windscreen is one of the master skills of summoning ability. The Brainer summons several elf spirits. Those little monsters will find and kick all of the New York citizens out of their vehicle.
Note that there’s always an elf spirit that will be called after the Brainer catches his prey. This elf spirit will wait until the Brainer’s victim gets in a car, and when the Brainer moves, he does what he supposes to do.
If you don't have enough patience to read the instruction below , you don't have to read it . Just run the game , when you're in the game , press H+E+L as the same time , then Press ~` to open the console window . Now you can read it !
But keep patience to read this : To use Mind Moving effectively , imagine the "CrossAim" as a magnet And the victim as steel .

The Ability with * -you have to catch a victim with Mind Catcher before using it
[[[]]] Mind Catcher -
Aim at somebody then press H
Or press Rshift+H
Or press Middle Mouse Button while touching the victim
[[[]]] *Mind Release - press T
[[[]]] *Mind Investigate - press H
[[[]]] *Mind Transform - press Lshift+L
[[[]]] Mind Fashion - (when in ped form)
Press L+R :change clothes
Hold Rshift+L then press R :change hats
Hold Lshift+L then press R :change glasses
[[[]]] Mind Ego -(when in ped form) press Lshift+K
[[[]]] *Mind Dirty - press M
[[[]]] *Mind Moving - press E to en/disable
While enable Mind Moving Press 1 to make him stay away from you Press 2 to make him get close to you
[[[]]] *Mind Explode - press B
Or Hold N then press B if you want it totally disappear
[[[]]] *Mind Hunting - Hold L then press K , press O to stop Hunting
[[[]]] *Mind Clownery - Hold L then press O
Hold Down Arrow+L then press O to summon the victim immediately
[[[]]] *Mind Duty -
+Duty Catcher - Aim at a ped then press R or press Middle mouse button while touching that ped or Hold Rshift then press R.
+Easy Duty - Press Middle mouse button after use Duty Catcher
+Duty Free - Press R for duty free
[[[]]] Mind Dominate - Hold L then press M
Hold L+T then press M to make the body disappear after kill it
Hold Down Arrow+L then press M to kill another way
[[[]]] Mind Engineer - Hold L then press I for Big Bang
Hold Down Arrow+L then press I to burst vehicles' tyres
Hold Right Arrow+L then press I to damage vehicles' engine
[[[]]] Mind Crazy - hold L then press F to activate/deactivate
[[[]]] Mind HighJack -aim at Vehicle then hold G and press H
[[[]]] Mind Windscreen - Hold L then press J

What's new in this version
Updated Mind Dominate : Give more space to collect money.
Updated Mind Crazy : the Max speed has been increased.
Updated Mind Catcher : when you press RShift+H, the Brainer will ALWAYS successfully catch a prey, even that prey is really far from the Brainer. In case there is no prey around there, don’t be so surprised when the Brainer doesn’t catch anyone :)
Added Mind Windscreen.
Added Mind Engineer.
Added Mind Duty.
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Brain Control Ver 6.0
Brain Control Ver 6.0 Brain Control Ver 6.0

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