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Blow-Off Valve & Compressor Surge Sound

Author: SSDD MultiGaming
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Date: 25.12.2012 | 4907 Downloads
Filesize: 1.555 MB

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We found a soundpack of blow off valve and compressor surge noises somewhere on the internet, so we used them to modify the game.

You will hear the blow off valve on most turbo cars in the game, but the compressor surge noise (aka "turbo flutter") is only for the SultanRS (correct me if I'm wrong on that in the comments)

Provided are files compatible with SparkIV and OpenIV as well as the raw WAV files for whatever you might want to do with them.

Sound preview is in our video below.
@50s we slowed down the game so you can hear both sounds.

:: Blow-Off Valve & Compressor Surge ::
:: Soundmod for GTAIV by SSDD-MG ::


*** Install notes ***

Using SparkIV or OpenIV, import ENGINE_RESIDENT into:

GTAIV > pc(game) > audio > sfx > resident.rpf

2 ENGINE_RESIDENT files provided,
one with .ivaud extension and (ENGINE_RESIDENT.ivaud)
one without .ivaud extension (ENGINE_RESIDENT)

Also provided are DUMP_VALVE.WAV and WASTE_GATE.WAV
fully compatible with GTA-IVaud_1.1.5


Thanks for downloading our mod!
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Blow-Off Valve & Compressor Surge Sound

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