Ultimate NYPD and NY Uniforms Mod v2.0

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Date: 23.04.2012
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Ultimate NYPD and NY uniforms mod v.2.0

After 3 years from the original release here comes v.2.0

-This mod changes the default officer’s uniforms to the real ones of NYPD, ESU, FDNY, New Jersey State Police, Paramedic, etc + some uniforms configuration options
-All the wtd files are complete with new diff.png, normal.png and spec.png files.
-Easy installation

Changes of v.2:
-Fixed mistakes in shoulder patches which appeared inverted.
-Reworked all the normal map textures for better, clearer and more realistic appearance.
-Added files for EFLC (the original game’s cop’s faces from TLAD & TBoGT with NYPD uniforms) & replaced some 256x256 textures with ones of higher resolution 512x512.
-Captains (both the one in car and the one on foot with the long coat) now have white shirts like in real life.
-Option to replace one or both Captains with police officers (as it is more realistic since there aren’t so many patrolling Captains in the streets).
- Realistic brass collar numbers instead of the game’s original silver ones.
-Improved the State Trooper’s jacket (see additional credits section). Now State Trooper has more clear patches.
-Added a N.J. State Trooper Corporal skin (with corporal stripes and different name tab) which will now appear occasionally.
-Introducing NJ Chatham officer uniform for ig_strooper (TLAD).
-Corrected firechief’s shirt patch (FDNY patch only at the left shoulder as in reality).
-2 Bonus files: A New, more realistic, skin for Annihilator (Dept. of Homeland Security) helicopter (see additional credits section) + An FBI N.Y. skin for the apc of TBoGT.

Details, installation & additional credits in the read me file.

Features of v.1.0 of the mod:
LCPD to NYPD uniforms (including Traffic Officer’s uniform).
-NYPD patches and tie clips, additional breast bars, badges with different numbers, NYPD raincoats, Sergeant with real life gold badge and sleeve stripes, Captain with real life badge, Traffic officer with NYPD waist pack, etc.

NOoSE to NYPD ESU (Emergency Service Unit).
-Real life patches of NYPD and ESU with 2 different (both original) bulletproof vests to choose from.

Helicopter Pilot to Homeland Security Pilot.
With low visibility sleeve patches of Homeland Security Dept. and a Police vest.

State Trooper to New Jersey State Police officer
Real life patch of NJSP (only on the right sleeve), real life badges on the hat and tie pin, originally bright yellow stripes on the trousers. Second NJST officer with original color jacket etc.

Firefighter now has FDNY written on his uniform and helmet, FireChief has real life patches and FDNY written on his helmet.

Paramedic Uniform
Now it has a new (originally colored) paramedic star in the chest and a bigger one in the back with the word “Paramedic” written below.

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Ultimate NYPD and NY Uniforms Mod v2.0

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