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Clockwork Mount Trails

Author: offroadgamer
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Date: 26.05.2013
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This is an object mod for the map mod Clockwork Mount by Steel89ita, therefore that mod is required for this to work.

You will also need Simple Native Trainer 6.5

I made this mod because I love the map Steel89ita created, and a found a few trails I though were pretty fun. So I decided to map them out for the members on my site, but being a huge fan of GTAinside I decided to share with you guys.

This mod contains 273 objects, mostly fences, cones, and tree trunks. I made these trails for the Toyota Hilux mod, with my Rock Crawling handling line, however it was too difficult for the stock GTA vehicles, so I redone the trails and made them so that they will work with the Noose Patriot. The rancher is also a good candidate for the trails.

There will be more to come in the future, but the map is huge and it took me a few days to discover and map these trails. If you have any you would like to have added, please let me know.

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Clockwork Mount Trails
Clockwork Mount Trails Clockwork Mount Trails Clockwork Mount Trails

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