4 Matching 2009 CVPI Car Pack

Author: halopcdraco
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Date: 12.06.2014
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The 2 cvpi's with the black rims were in a clan pack that I assembled and are no longer needed. The other 2 cvpi's with white rims gives anyone who wants a variety of matching cars. The texture is made by my friend brevidy. When you download these 2 cvpi's, the police texture won't be on the vehicles. Both vehicles have 4 police sign slots.

The youtube video displays both cars with their els lights enabled. The TA has been changed. Please disregard the first video for the TA and refer to the second video.

Credits: Base GTAV vehicle model originally made by Driver SF, converted to GTA IV by F5544, Modified and enhanced by Tim98, Template made by Cj24, Mapped by Tim98,

01 cvpi steel rim modeled & converted by Bxbugs123 - textures by Bxbugs123 & LtCaine, SecurCOM Antenns by PriMan, Arma Console - Arma and Delta Hawk for the Model, Evanscornelius for modifying and converting to GTA IV,

Setina BodyGuard 6,7 Partition made by deco(Tim98), Go Rhino Pushbar made, converted & textured by Bxbugs123 , Whelen Par46 Spotlight modelled and converted by deco(Tim98),

Whelen Inner Edge TIR3 made by Tim98, Vehicle assembly, Mini lights scratch modeled, textured and converted to gta iv by jasonct203, 911EP galaxy by Boatinman, converted to gta iv by WarDoG, Rear window cages: textures and Scratch Modeling by Officer Spike,

Antenna Plus- Common Antenna by Vertex3D, WatchGuard Video System Made, Converted and textured by Bxbugs123, Decatur Genesis I Radar Made & Converted by Bxbugs123 - Textures By Bxbugs123 & DoTTGaMMa

09 cvpi rim/ Made, converted & textured to GTA IV by Bxbugs123, 01 CVPI Wheel Rim Modeled & converted by Bxbugs123-Textures by Bxbugs123 & LtCaine, Code 3 XT6 Series Modeled, textured & converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123

Vehicle Texture made by brevidy,

Handling, vehoff.csv(camera angle), assembled by HaloPCDraco

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4 Matching 2009 CVPI Car Pack
4 Matching 2009 CVPI Car Pack 4 Matching 2009 CVPI Car Pack 4 Matching 2009 CVPI Car Pack

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