GTA IV Cars: Mitsubishi

ToneBee Designs Mitsubishi Evo X

Author: ToneBee a.k.a Twattyballs & Sleepy
Date: 09.09.2013 | 9483 Downloads
Filesize: 3.871 MB

8.97 based on 31 votes

here is my first OFFICIAL release for IV. the model is a convert from J2HIN, with forza3 Enkei RPF1 model rims.
it has paintable carbon fibre, 3 extras,

wft 2316Kb

wtd 1450Kb

there are a few things missing, lights are not 100% GTAIV ready, and there are no brake discs. dont complain though please, i am aware of these things, i did make the model :P

but please feel free to leave feedback and criticism. it is all welcomed. just be sure to download the mod and try it before you whine about things that are wrong in YOUR opinion :-)

enjoy the ride, and DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT :-)

massive thanks to Sleepy for correcting my materials, beta testing and finalizing model

and big respect to GGC_89 for the 'real' screens' (blue evo shots)

1 livery is also inckuded (see screens) i have also included template for skins to make your own if you choose.DO NOT RENAME OR IT WONT WORK

if you dont want the skin on the car, you just want to use the paint scheme, simply delete ' +livery ' from the end of the ide line :-)

a big big thanks to George Chionis (( )) for making the custom skins :-)

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ToneBee Designs Mitsubishi Evo X
ToneBee Designs Mitsubishi Evo X ToneBee Designs Mitsubishi Evo X ToneBee Designs Mitsubishi Evo X

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