GTA IV Cars: Porsche

Porsche 911 (991) [EPM]

Author: Turn 10 Studios (Forza Motorsport 4), Threepwood
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Date: 27.05.2013 | 12309 Downloads
Filesize: 13.554 MB

7.25 based on 44 votes

Paintjob template included. Use as addon, not replacement!

Well, this is just a beta made up from various sources. Beta as in "beta model" not "beta release". The release is final and won't be touched at all again.
Got some very nice paintjobs by Outz, plates by des (NO, I do not make them smaller! :P), beautiful ADV.1 rims by KamikaZ!
Thanks for some original game parts to Lord Neo, tho I did not use much of them.
And w/o the general help by Chipi, it would not be available at all. Lots of scratch work went into this huge project this time.

If you wanna host it, host it. BUT BE CAREFULL! This is a huge WFT size mod and it is NOT supposed to be installed on weak systems. So if you host it, make a big warning, the big filesize is NOT accidentally but with malice aforethought!
So if anyone complains "booohoo huge wft file size 0/10 it crashed my computer you prick" then go there and say "Yes, asshole! And I ENJOYED IT! HA HA!"
The other side: awesome details! If you want low filesize and low details, wait for smokeys Porsche, which I am sure he will make, and I am sure about its awesome quality AND mini filesize. Well, IF he really does one.

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Porsche 911 (991) [EPM]
Porsche 911 (991) [EPM] Porsche 911 (991) [EPM] Porsche 911 (991) [EPM]

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