Funny things (Updated July 22,2013) GTA 4 Mod
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Title: Funny things (Updated July 22,2013)
Category: /Mods/Script Mods (e.g. *.lua, *.asi)

Author: HDN

Date: 17.07.2013 | 1235 Downloads
Filesize: 3.989 KB

8.25 based on 12 votes

this is a combination of my bonus mods !
before install and use this mod , remember to DELETE these mods first (if u did use 'em before)
-NikoFromOrg.cs : Fire Warrior mod .
-PlaywithCop.cs : PlayWithCop mod .
-Waypoint.cs : waypoint mod .
-WinPool.cs : Win Pool mod .
-TelePort.cs : Brain TelePort mod .
If you didn't use these mods above , never mind then :)
Press F+N+T to see the instruction in game (console window)
Usage :
Press T + Lcontrol = toggle Visible body part
-Press X = visible/invisible body part
-Press Z = choose body part
-Lshift + Q = random clothes
-Lshift + E = default clothes
Press G+T+A : enable/disable Brain teleport .
-Press 4 : teleport to wherever you look at .(recommend : aim with a gun)
-Press Left Shift + 1 : teleport to the cup of happiness .
-Press Left Shift + 2 : teleport to the real top of Rotterdam Tower
-Press Left Shift + 3 : teleport to the Fire !
-Press Middle mouse : Force player to ragdoll in 3 seconds (recommend : press when u on the real top of Rotterdam Tower)
-If you play TBoGT , press Left Shift + 0 to get the Parachute .
Press H+E to activate Flash power ,press N+E to deactivate it
press Lctrl+E+I to play credit music , press N to stop
N+I Niko Voice , G+I Girl pain voice
R+I Fire Worrior activated ,press T deactivated
press O+K play with cop activated ,press K to get 6 stars ,press N to deactivate
Press C to teleport to waypoint
press G to get thunder ,Shift+G to toggle Light Thunder
press I while play pool to do the trick
Hold M then press O to collect money

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Funny things (Updated July 22,2013)

Funny things (Updated July 22,2013) Funny things (Updated July 22,2013) Funny things (Updated July 22,2013)
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