GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0 GTA 4 Mod
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Title: GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0
Category: /Mods/Modifications

Author: MYGTX460, sytrus2007 | Email

Date: 12.07.2013 | 9355 Downloads
Filesize: 45.968 MB

8.96 based on 49 votes

This Graphics mod works only with GTA IV and patch I hope you like it. Not tested on EFLC.

- No sky bugs and no moon bugs
- New realistic colors and brightness
- New Dynamic lights
- high quality stars and moon
- New Reflection
- New Bloom Effect
- New Blur Effect
- New Sun Effect

How to Install:

Copy all files from GTA IV ENB folder to your Grand Theft Auto IV game folder and replace it. Enjoy
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GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0

GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0 GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0 GTA IV Graphics Evolution 2013 v1.0
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29.04.2014, 18:37

this graphics mod is suport with ATI and Nvidia graphics but you need Gamer PC
14.07.2013, 20:45

This it support Ati Raedon 5450
14.07.2013, 20:33

Hello, you need better PC with minimum Nvidia GTX 560 because your Nvidia 520m is to slow and this Mod is for Gamer PC :)
14.07.2013, 09:32

Hello, I got a problem with ENB
because when i launch the game it will start laging and i looked to graphic settings and it shows my resource usage is 128MB but when i am playing without ENB it shows 1072MB i got a really good graphics card it name is NVIDIA GeForce 520m with 1GB Vram