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Title: Mermaid Mod v3.2
Category: /Mods/CLEO Modifications

Author: Cwxrssr
Website | Email

Date: 22.11.2013 | 4942 Downloads
Filesize: 4.44 MB

9.72 based on 110 votes

Mermaid Mod v3.2 added new feature:
- Added with 1 great magical weapon to kill all enemies instantly (Better use this)

Also this mod include several features for like mermaid world:
- Auto mermaid transformation
- Auto mermaid friend spawner
- Human transformation (Manual)
- Mermaid Friend
- Mermaid Sea Creatures
- Mermaid vs Sharks
- Bonus

Mod Control:
- PgDown + 4 = become young girl (i like this model :D)
- PgDown + 1 = become mermaid on land
- PgDown + 2 = become mermaid swimming on water
- PgDown + 3 = become mermaid hide swimming under the water surface
- B + 1 to 6 = speed control
- M + K = attack to the human with your magical weapon
- K + O = kill all peds instantly include all vehicles exploded with screaming loud of mermaid
- K + P = kill all human nearest you with your magical weapon
- LSHIFT/RCTRL = jump around sea like a fish
- Y/N button = decrease/increase diving speed
- Tab + M = spawn mermaid friend on sea/pool
- K button = delete mermaid friend
- Backspace = attack to the sharks with your magical weapon
- H + N = get back to original GTA SA model
- W + Z = to unfreeze you if you got freeze after changed skin
- LCTRL then hold space and dive down to diving on deep sea (when you at sea)
- PAUSE MENU>OPTIONS>DISPLAY SETUP>SUBTITLES>ON/OFF to activate/deactivate super powers

Please read readme.txt file for more info.

Thanks.. :)
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Mermaid Mod v3.2

Mermaid Mod v3.2 Mermaid Mod v3.2 Mermaid Mod v3.2
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Comments: 3
04.04.2014, 05:15

Watch the video!
Comments: 11
16.12.2013, 17:14

maybe you have a lot of mod in your gta, like modified gta exe file, etc that make clash with this mod. try use latest cleo library or if your gta still crash, you may test this mod in fresh files of gta sa game.
Comments: 3
16.12.2013, 00:29

my game stops working when i try run it..... and i did everything exactly like it says on the readme file...