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Title: Black Market
Category: /Mods/CLEO Modifications

Author: JeffLocc
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Date: 20.10.2013 | 24818 Downloads
Filesize: 0.122 MB

8.76 based on 55 votes


"It's the 90's the drug scene is more profitable than ever. The business
in the black market is booming, with everyone from gangsters and drug
fiends to celebrities willing to pay big for a hit. The top kingpins and
crime bosses are in full control of the drug market, making millions.

You are not a kingpin. You are just a low time pusher selling drugs to
the fiends in a hope to earn an extra buck...

[To be continued...]"

The Black Market Mod is an episodic addition to GTA San Andreas where
you aim to build up your own empire in black market trade. Your
activities are illegal and not only do you have to watch out for cops,
you are in direct competition with many of the criminals running the
streets. You will start out small-time, barely noticed by anyone apart
from the fiends looking for a quick hit for their veins. As your
influence in the market grows, your troubles get bigger. Only the
toughest can survive and earn the reputation to become successful.

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Black Market

Black Market Black Market
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10.04.2015, 12:19

Can you give me link of that ACID Party Mod beacuse i downloaded one but couldn't install it.
Comments: 8
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28.11.2014, 17:41

Excuse me for this late reply my PC was a little bit fuckdup and shit you know..CarmmyJohncetti,for me mod works perfect i don't know about that i don't play missions i have the ACID Party Mod by ZAZ and its really cool stuff there,i suggest you to download that mod,you can play any mission that you want without crashes and WITH THE BLACK MARKET MOD sure,thats all,thank you all for positive comments! :)
20.10.2014, 18:29

I install the mod and game chrashes when i start it
22.09.2014, 23:34

When is it gonna to come another version of it? It's a good mod but in some mission it crashes my game and then i take the mod out give it in and complete the mission and give it back then trying to play another mission and it crashes again. Why is that?
06.09.2014, 00:34

Very cool and well thought out concept. It works well except that for some reason it seems to make the game crash on the mission for OG Loc where you steal the music van from the beach party. For me, when I entered the van and drove forward a little bit the game kept crashing as soon as the girl jumps out of the passenger seat. The only way I was able to fix the crash was by removing this mod from my cleo folder and deleting its accompanying files from the cleo saves etc. So I'm guessing it was this mod that caused a conflict. Other than that, this is really good.
12.05.2014, 19:15

Hi, I'm Spanish and this mod I'm doing a project chulisimo gta san andreas ps2
Comments: 10
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22.02.2014, 21:55

Thank`s that is a cool Mod and its work with out problems.
21.02.2014, 14:15

Dude,I love this mod,but it's not suitable for version1.01,can u change it another version?
21.02.2014, 06:32

where to place 'black market .ifp'
21.02.2014, 06:30

An awesome mod ,but how to install?