Dog Fighting and Betting Rings GTA San Andreas Mod
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Title: Dog Fighting and Betting Rings
Category: /Mods/CLEO Modifications

Author: spidermight
Website | Email

Date: 27.08.2012 | 18034 Downloads
Filesize: 2.419 MB

5.84 based on 232 votes

cleo mod "re-release as separate mod date : 27/8/2012"

Dog Fighting And Betting Rings

1.Put all ".cs" files in your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed

2.Open gta3.img with your img tool and replace the .dff & .txd files with the ones you downloaded

3.copy the folder "playlist" to your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed

4.copy the folder "cleo_text" to your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed

5.copy the files from folder "map" and paste them over the default files, found in /SAN ANDREAS/DATA/MAPS/...

6.Ready To Play !

This mod adds three dog fighting rings meaning it will have a lot of people standing around cheering the dogs while they are fighting and adds a
betting system where you go into the red sphere and bet on a dog and get $100 only if the dog wins,
and adds dog barking sounds while they fight.

Check "dog ring locations.jpg" for The location of the dog fighting rings they are the "blue dots"

Scripts By SpiderMight
Dog model by benkonata

the video is from feral street dogs but this mod only contains the dog fighting rings mod
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Dog Fighting and Betting Rings
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24.02.2014, 22:48

but i have pitbull fight ! ;) i replaced the files with white pitbull and there are 2 pitbulls fighting so cool i have too a pitbull a brown and i bet for him ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for my bad englsih.....
16.01.2013, 11:05

you are one messed up nutjob to make some dam mod like this you think its funny or something man? this mod is just wrong rather its a game or real life dig fights are wrong & this mod should have been banned from all mod sites this is fucked up yo
08.12.2012, 20:11

Hi, I'm McMillan141, the original and true converter of the dog model, you can notice this by checking the texture's name in the TXD file. Please fix the dog's autor's name in credits section.

Thanks in advance
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28.08.2012, 09:09

reupload ?