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Title: Casablanca Tunnel Creature
Category: /Mods/CLEO Modifications

Author: The AnonMod ANG | Email

Date: 05.05.2012 | 17110 Downloads
Filesize: 1.088 MB

5.64 based on 387 votes

<<< The Casablanca Creture >>>

Author : Cleo Code & Script by theanonmod ANG
Storyline by theanonmod ANG
Bloody Kuntilanak texture by theanonmod ANG
Knife models author by unknown person
Kuntilanak author by VoidioV

E-Mail Me :
Website : -

<<< Description >>>

a little story i know about casablanca tunnel
there is a woman (like Kuntilanak) but she wear a red suit (that mean blood). thats is..
sorry, i don't know the story about casablanca ghost. because i'm not from Casablanca tunnel. :)

<<< How To Install >>>

<<< English >>>
---you need Cleo 3 or newer to use this mod
---put Casablanca.cs to CLEO folder and Casablanca.fxt to CLEO_TEXT folder
---open gta3.img with imgtools or alci's img editor
---add C1.dff, C1.txd, C2.dff and C2.txd then
---before replacing, don't forget to make backup
---replace the "knifecur.txd" and "knifecur.dff" in the gta3.img with the files from me
---save or rebuild

<<< Bahasa Indonesia >>>
---kamu butuh Cleo 3 atau yang terbarunya untuk menggunakan mod ini
---letakan Casablanca.cs di CLEO folder dan Casablanca.fxt di CLEO_TEXT folder
---buka gta3.img dengan imgtools atau alci's img editor
---tambahkan C1.dff, C1.txd, C2.dff dan C2.txd kemudian
---sebelum me replace, jangan lupa untuk membackup
---replace "knifecur.txd" dan "knifecur.dff" di gta3.img dengan fileku

<<< Thanks & Credits >>>

---First for Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW
---For mom and dad
---My beloved country and all of INDONESIAN MODER
---Much credits and thanks to Seemann for Sannybuilder
---TheAnonMod ANG (ME)
---Seejay Seaman for help me to get permission
---TheSilentsaw for inspiration
---X RPL A Class and all people for support me
---Delfi - Jernej L. for Garage Mod Manager and TXDworkshop
---thanks to you for downloading...


This CLEO runs great on my Laptop (no bug or crash)

You're free to distribute this mod by internet or by any media, provided it is in your original package AND KEEP THE CREDIT OF THE AUTHOR.

Sorry if my English is very bad :) because I'm Indonesian

©Copyright 2012 by Angki Ang
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Casablanca Tunnel Creature
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07.05.2012, 07:50

Dead Gang v.3 will coming soon, and it will freaking you :)
06.05.2012, 08:30

i download your mod and i wanna know if this mod freaking me..
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
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05.05.2012, 14:03

scary -.-