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Title: Dead Gang
Category: /Mods/CLEO Modifications

Author: TheAnonMod

Date: 25.04.2012 | 2574 Downloads
Filesize: 0.954 MB

5.16 based on 490 votes

<<< Dead Gang v.1 : Los Vagos is Back >>>

Author : Cleo Code & Script by theanonmod ANG
Idea by theanonmod ANG
Dead Gang model (Original model from LSV*.dff)
Texture be theanonmod ANG

E-Mail Me : angkiang@LIVE.COM
Website : -

<<< Description >>>

When you near to Las Colinas, the Los Vagos will be there protect their area.
they will kill your gang, police, ped, and destroying car.

there is 21 gang try to kill you, and a boss with a minigun.

if you beat them all, you will get $5105000 money :)

<<< How To Install >>>

<<< English >>>
---you need Cleo 3 or newer to use this mod
---put DeadGang.cs to CLEO folder
---open gta3.img with imgtools or alci's img editor
---add dead1.dff, dead1.txd, dead2.dff, dead2.txd, dead3.dff, dead3.txd then
---save or rebuild

<<< Bahasa Indonesia >>>
---kamu butuh Cleo 3 atau yang terbarunya untuk menggunakan mod ini
---letakan DeadGang.cs di CLEO folder
---buka gta3.img dengan imgtools atau alci's img editor
---tambahkan dead1.dff, dead1.txd, dead2.dff, dead2.txd, dead3.dff, dead3.txd kemudian

<<< Thanks & Credits >>>

---first for Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW
---for mom and dad
---my friends, and familys
---theanonmod ANG(ME)
---my beloved country and all of INDONESIAN MODELER
---much credits and thanks to Seemann for Sannybuilder
---TheSilentSaw for inspiration
---Delfi - Jernej L. for Garage Mod Manager and TXDworkshop
---DexX for Gfx tuts and tools
---pdescobar for Audio toolkit
---Kam for max script
---Hammer83 for GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor
---Jacob for San Andreas Place Manager
---Scream2k4 for Ped Editor


I recomended you to complete the game before using this MOD

This CLEO runs great on my Laptop (no bug or crash)
Note: send me email if you find some bugs :)

You're free to distribute this mod by internet or by any media, provided it is in your original package AND KEEP THE CREDIT OF THE AUTHOR.

Sorry if my English is very bad :) because I'm Indonesian

©Copyright 2012 by Angki Ang
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Dead Gang
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