Laguna Seca Raceway GTA San Andreas Mod
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Title: Laguna Seca Raceway
Category: /Maps/Racetrack

Author: ParoXum (diabolyX)

Date: 26.07.2012 | 75657 Downloads
Filesize: 7.21 MB

6.84 based on 255 votes
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Laguna Seca Raceway

Laguna Seca Raceway Laguna Seca Raceway Laguna Seca Raceway
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akash babu
"King of GTA"
King of GTA
Comments: 748
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15.02.2015, 07:53

"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 61
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18.04.2014, 21:30

Great map!
29.06.2013, 22:10

how i can install this mod
26.04.2013, 17:55

I have follow what Radical post but I still cant see the Track help me :/
Comments: 16
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28.01.2013, 10:42

For anyone who's had issues with buggy maps try this one. the instructions are a little hard to understand (the lagus FOLDER needs to be transferred not "extracted") but it's a great map. Every other map I've tried is laggy and full of bugs or lazy design. This is great.

only one small niggle, there's a few invisible things I keep hitting around the buildings in the parking lot. kinda weird. I would love the dirt areas to be made into a big dirt racing track. Can't seem to find anything like that.

Great work 9/10!!
05.01.2013, 10:12

it will be more wonderful if u add another racer. like motorcycle race at the day and car race/drift at night
22.09.2012, 17:43

Hi there!
I modelator for GTA Australia and I need to mod mal for predelvo! because I Nedela!
Dartoteka: multiobj.IDE already busy moms!

I suggest you do: multiobj1.IDE

As you see the See by mothers already adjustable on the coastal area pac beach this to ljudej palavajo this! And I can not combine all in one! Negre easy javla me errors! I would ask that if you Lah do it and I would avtoske rights for this track! Whereas the issue of GTA San Andreas version 3.0 and the folder is completed and the stanndrda to hold over 265 MB will not work game! But base game let alone finishing the folder and will come kmal srverje the game and would not ask this in the shortest time you do! Vroku 7 days because the game will be released in 10/02/2012 and players eagerly awaited in Slovenia!

Folder no longer alone 152 kilometers kvadratnik but I put in there to 165 square kilometov which is a bit more to the ma GTA IV system and I am strengthened by 2.8 drive that it takes and keep izbolšujem through the game system and respon! The game is in Slovenian language and 90% ustalo but still there will be! For all violations give the game mam copyright!

- I would ask you for a speedy intervention! Send a email to all my folder and the work to be tko wrote to read the multiobj1.IDE because the choice of the game!

Send a email on my cr: seba1.colnaric16 @

Lp. Bobi1992
"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 67
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13.09.2012, 09:23

This shit crashing....
Comments: 135
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26.07.2012, 16:27

yea +10