KC-130 Air tanker GTA San Andreas Mod
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Title: KC-130 Air tanker
Category: /Airplanes

Author: SkylineGTRFreak、Albreht | Email

Date: 28.08.2013 | 22551 Downloads
Filesize: 14.294 MB

9.17 based on 59 votes

replace androm.dff and .txd in your gta3.img with the ones provided in the file and place the .cs inside your CLEO directory

Press the Equal button while in a plane to request a tanker. The tanker will travel faster when in a Hydra or a Shamal and will be slower for other planes.

Alternatively you can refuel at the airports marked on the radar by default Fuel System implemented
Fuel Gauge added on the HUD while in planes and helicopters
Fuel Gauge illuminates at nighttime
Refueling at airports now possible
Tanker aircraft arrives faster and will allow refueling
When planes run out of fuel they will drop to the ground
When helicopters run out of fuel they will gradually fall to the ground
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KC-130 Air tanker

KC-130 Air tanker KC-130 Air tanker KC-130 Air tanker
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Comments: 104
Private Message
15.11.2014, 20:55

muy bueno socio en serio
03.12.2013, 05:07

Change the Equal Button for the number 0 cero plis i not have the equal button, or say me which button press to talk the tanker nice mod, 10/10 !!! Please!!
12.10.2013, 17:23

its fake its not refuel like the pictures fake bastrds!
12.10.2013, 17:23

its fake its not refuel like the pictures fake bastrds!
12.10.2013, 17:07

I Dont Have Equel Button Can u Change him as * button please
Comments: 37
Private Message
12.10.2013, 07:01

nice model of that kc-130 refueling
plane but i cannot play alway's i put all the said but its not working...
that's not from skylinefreak
because all he's mode are working not like that mode i cannot play....alway put in front don't send....but not bad model
i put 10/10......
29.08.2013, 09:23

Yea, it was an old mod, but I wondered why it's uploaded here... Well, nvm then.
29.08.2013, 04:06

Hum..?@SkylineGTRFreak ,If I remember correctly, this is your good models, but I modified with the Hose refueling,Thank you very much!
29.08.2013, 03:24

Ummmm.....this mod wasnt uploaded by Skyline. This isn't even on his blog.
28.08.2013, 15:08

That skin mod you have looks awesome, if it's yours, can you upload it please? If not, can you link it who made it please? By the way it's a very nice mod! 10/10!