Animations - Project: Awesome .IFP V3 GTA San Andreas Mod
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Title: Animations - Project: Awesome .IFP V3
Category: /Mods/Modifications

Author: Gedimas

Date: 22.03.2013 | 10928 Downloads
Filesize: 1.198 MB

8.09 based on 47 votes

What is project "Awesome .IFP"? It's a project-modification started by me which includes nice IFP animations for GTA San Andreas. These animations are nice and more realistic than defaults, some of them are in GTA IV style. "Awesome .IFP" includes the main anims wich is in PED.IFP file, also other anims wich goes to GTA3.IMG. These animations are not fully made by me, but also includes anims made by other authors. "Awesome .IFP" is specially made for SA-MP Role-Play servers. Ofcourse you can use these anims not only in RP servers, but also in other SA-MP servers or just in singleplayer to make your gameplay look nice. But these anims are not annoying and doesn't prevents you from normal Role-Play (ex. fall-out from a car is default in this mod and that doesn't ruin your Role-Play or just gaming in multiplayer), so that's why it's specially made for RP. Also "Awesome .IFP" doesn't make you superior than others (ex. there is no CJ running for normal peds in this mod), as you know mods giving you advantage isn't allowed in RP servers. So I especially recommend these animations for those people who playing SA-MP and playing on Role-Play servers!

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Rey Arjun
Comments: 51
18.10.2014, 17:51

thx :)
n00b the hAcker
Comments: 20
08.10.2014, 06:58

will you please upload the next version of this mod with pictures.
Ring master
Comments: 46
24.06.2014, 04:35

Hey man i like ur mod can u create the same .ifp file for vice city because i am making a mod called vice city nights so can u create the animations in gta iv style plz if u like this idea please comment i will be seeing this page