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Title: Cool Savegame
Category: /Savegames

Author: QuarterExploding
Website | Email

Date: 13.10.2013 | 95145 Downloads
Filesize: 65.323 KB

9.36 based on 171 votes

This is Fixed edition and better than before (Savegame by QE)

.:Cool Savegame:.


-Savegame name "E-P27 QuarterExploding"
-All School Skill 100% all Gold
-Respect, Stamina, Gambling 100%
-Hitman Skill Weapon and Full Hard Weapon (Full Ammo)
-other Mission 100% complete
-All Tag Spray, Jumps, Oysters, Snapshots,Horseshoes 100%
-Girlfriend Progress 100% (but you need to dating with them, because GFprogress can down)
-Turismo And Elegy[modification] added at Grove Street Garage
-999999999$ Money
-Kneehead FightStyle
-CJ with Normal Clothes (but there are full of Clothes)
-All Race Tournament 100%
-Mini Gang teritory at San Fierro and Las Venturas (Grove, Ballas, and Vagos)
-Vehicle Mission 100%
-Full Health And Armor
-Hot Coffe with Girlfriend
-Full Vehicle in All House Garage
-SWAT Truck and LA Firetruck (in End of the Line mission) added at abandoned airport / Verdant Meadows hangar
-100% Save Game Plus Hydra and Rhino on Grove Street
-New Gang : Italian Mafia
-Now Aztecas and Triad is your allies (but you can't recruit them), Italian Mafia is Independent.
-No Fat and Muscle
-Spawn at Johnson's house
-Time Started 00:00
-Free Busted and Wasted

You can running this Savegame if you have CLEO 4, because this savegame has crashed if you dont use CLEO 4

* BUG will be fixed at other Version (if you found some bug you can report to me)
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Cool Savegame

Cool Savegame Cool Savegame Cool Savegame
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"Bounty Hunter"
Bounty Hunter
Comments: 93
Private Message
24.10.2014, 15:57

thanks man <3
18.10.2014, 17:51

how to make it work
10.10.2014, 13:27

best Save Game i have ever seen
Rey Arjun
Comments: 53
Private Message
10.09.2014, 12:04

it works normally man thx no crash :)
17.01.2014, 12:37

Thx dude, i gonna fixed in another version
lucy moder xx
Comments: 15
Private Message
05.01.2014, 19:15

its working 100% tu u got too have cleo 4 for it too work download cleo 4 man your game will not crashes I got cleo 4
12.12.2013, 18:15

Guys for the love sake learn to put both main.scm and script.img included on the rar file if it has any modification otherwise the save games will not work with our main.scm and script.img and the save will act as if we are starting a new game
13.10.2013, 17:19


on your GTA you have mod?
13.10.2013, 16:11

Man it crashes my game its bullshit mofucker