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VCS Lance Skin Pack

Autor: Cleoude
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Datum: 31.05.2021
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VCS Lance Vance Skin Packs by Cleoude

Lance's two appearences in the vcs have been converted for Cutscenes and Gameplay.
Skins are perfectly suited for the cutscenes. The mouth never looks so awkward.
(But normally there are errors in Lance's animation in missions like Bar Brawl and Cop Land. Maybe look better if I make Cutscene fix them.)
Also added pastel suit and glasses in Vcs Artwork.
Special Skins Made for Vice City Missions.
Upscaled and texture enhanced skins are available.
Also CS TO IG and CSFaces versions of Gameplay Skins were made.
CS TO IG = Cutscene Character converted to gameplay.
CSFACES = Cutscene head added to ingame character.

Street Outfit
Smart Suit
Pastel suit w/glasses (VCS Artwork) Also, it has cloth variations.
Cop uniform (For Cop Land Mission and Two glasses option)
Injured Lance Skins (All, For Death Row Mission but Only works with UpdatedSCM.)

Cleoude - Skins, texture enhancements and upscaled textures.

How to Install:
You can import the skins you want to gta3.img or you can put them in an empty folder in modloader(recommend). Before that, there are variations inside Folders. Read info.txt to get information about them.

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VCS Lance Skin Pack VCS Lance Skin Pack VCS Lance Skin Pack VCS Lance Skin Pack

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