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The Best 100% Savegame Ever of GTA Vice City

Autor: danitheking95 | Email
Datum: 17.11.2019
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Hi guys ;) !!

- This is my 100% Save of GTA Vice City ! [THE BEST SAVE EVER] !!

- This Save is available with Steam or Retail Version ;) !!

- all missions of story completed
- all 5 missions payphone completed
- all business missions completed
- all races completed
- all job missions completed
- the mission ammu-nation is completed (45 points or more)
- all 15 store robbery is completed
- all properties is owned
- 100/100 hidden package found
- 36/36 unique stunts done
- 35/35 rampage is completed

- times playing [22:00]
- sports and special vehicles in all garages (all vehicles in garages are indestructible) + rhino (in hyman condo)
- all weapons bonus of 100 hidden package is available in (Ocean view hotel, Hyman condo roof, and Vercetti estate)
- hunter available in ocean beach and in the military base + rhino to in military base
- sea sparrow available behind your mansion (Vercetti estate)
- cash : more than $20.000.000 (win legally with vigilante mission level +100 finished !)
- health 200, armour 200
- 0 times cheated, 0 times dead, 0 times busted
- ammo unlimited for all weapons
- t-shirt 100% unlocked
- all vehicles drived by tommy is doubly resistant
- 3 of your bodyguards follow you everywhere

Weapons : Brass knuckles, Chainsaw, 357 pyhton, SPAS 12, MP5, M4, 308.Lunette, Minigun, Grenade and Camera (bonus)

FOR THE 100% SAVE ==> copy GTAVCsf5.b and paste to /Documents/GTA Vice City User files/

+ SURPRISE SKIN "MAFIA KING BOSS" ==> copy "mafia king boss" and paste to /C/Root folder gta vc/skin

+ Mode wanted level 7 stars : copy Cleo and paste in your root folder gta vc
If you dont have cleo link is here ===>

Enjoy :D ;) !!

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The Best 100% Savegame Ever of GTA Vice City
The Best 100% Savegame Ever of GTA Vice City

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