Vercetti Gang v1.1

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Datum: 04.03.2018
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Vercetti's gang v1.1
Author: clivic. August 2019

Updates from v1.0:

- Fix a crashing bug when Tommy enters a car, quits and re-enter very quickly.
- Change the keys for controlling the car.

With this mod pack v1.1, Tommy can:
- Press G to call his gang (Mike and other goons will drive Diaz's admiral and come for back up).
(*Mike was the guy in the cutscene that worked for Diaz and then turned to Lance and Tommy)
- Call on 8 bodyguards in his mansion to follow his lead.
- Press O to dismiss all your bodyguards.
- Tommy can call bodyguards regardless being on a mission or not.
- Press I to make the car currently driving invulnerable (but not punch proof), and very heavy (Lemme know if you want keep a separate key for toggling vehicles being heavy, like it was in v1.0).
- Press Z to make the car vulnerable and normal again.
- Press X to make a sudden speed boost.
- Press L to flip the car back when it's flipped over.

Put All the files in the zip into Grand Theft Auto Vice City/CLEO.

"Mansion Guard" is based on "VC GUARD" Cleo. I kept the script names but adjusted the guards to be using various weapons from colt 45 to ruger/M16, and fixed the removing reference bug.

"Tommy Guard" is based on the "Protection" Cleo, but I adjusted it to display calling messages, disabled markers (because in the CLEO 4 the remove marker opcode doesn't seem to work), changed it to Vercetti gangsters, with uzi and not so high accuracy so that it feels more authentic.

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Vercetti Gang v1.1
Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1 Vercetti Gang v1.1

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