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Talk To Peds

Autor: Cell Tennyson
Datum: 25.02.2017
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Talk/Chat With NPC Mod.

A simple mod which gives the player ability to Talk to any NPC/Ped nearby.

It's a Cleo Script Mod, So just put the files in this archive in your GTA Vice City>Cleo Folder.

Get Close to any NPC and Press T to begin the conversation. Press your "Enter/Exit vehicle" (Whatever you have assigned) to leave the conversation.

It is Highly Recommended that you use "Ped Speech Patch" by Sergeanur to get better chatting results. In GTA Vice City PC version Peds generally, speak much less compared to GTA Vice City PS2 version. This speech patch will make Peds more Talkative just like in PS2.

Also, Tommy doesn't speak because there are no speeches assigned for the player model. But the NPC will talk depending on what kind of NPC it will be as some NPC also just like the player doesn't have speech assigned for example Cops, some female models. Don't worry about that just don't talk to those NPC that's all, most of the NPC's will talk that's for sure!!

Fixed a Bug which causes the game to crash when the player tries to get out of range without leaving the conversation.

Finally, don't forget to rate this Mod!

Enjoy Chatting.

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Talk To Peds
Talk To Peds Talk To Peds Talk To Peds

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