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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


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San Andreas Cheat Menu
123L_YT | 26.12.2018 | 60309

Comments: 7

in this cleo
if i add gang it will going crash without reason....

Comments: 7

@Alvian9xpro hi sir
it is work to aim female+space will going showing text' 1+C to show mune
but when put 1+C same time
the program is crashing

still tab+space not work

here not exist ''code 0x65266'' problem
it is too unlucky to not allow using this MOD
it is too sad

Comments: 7

so for surely
the folder of modloader is not affectable?

not sure what really go on...
here is Win 10
has higher level hardware support to SA
but it still working break....

what is '' female ped ''? not really understand ...

so ..
dont care about tab+space not work
just aim someone and +space? it will work?

here is going NV GT640 VRAM but the graph in game still broken...
couldnot find out where is really problem..
DLL. data or .. hardwre ... something like.

 Quote: Alvian9xpro

@tainanking oh i see ,

modloader only for add ons only , so it not affect to your cleo for real impact

probably simple things that you forgot is you must near female ped ( or with Civfemale or pro pedtypes )

but nothing went wrong about it ? , you can do the alternative by aim the ped ( female for sure ) and press space .

Still not yet ?

Reinstall or Check my spec :
- windows 7 Home edition
- Gta Rip Version ( doesnt have sound , Rip dialogue :v )
- Gta sa HOODLUM Versions V.1 ( Latest version is V.3 on steam )
- Cpu 1.0 ( Low end )
- Ram 2.0 ( Normal )
- Directx 6 ( Never update since 2013 because i dont need it :v )
- Resolution 32 bit

and other that low end pc's needed , thats too shame if i describe all my spec lol

I have very2 low end pc's and its work fine . if you have the version below . You can upgrade it properly . Or reinstall your game and cleo !!

Hot Coffee Full Script Kit + Hot Skins
fan script | 11.12.2018 | 76585

Comments: 7

look good
but how to use?

Comments: 7

Thanks for responded

i have took CLEO into CLEO
but no ''modloader'' folder
because no sure where should putting

so i had
CLEO text
control xxx.cs '' all going into CLEO folder already

i have seen MCG logo right side
and text left
but tab+space is not work out

 Quote: Alvian9xpro

@tainanking hello there , problem is unknown if like that but i will ask you some thing for it

- did "MCG" logo or text box ( top left text ) appears in your game ?
If like this that means the game is cant read the mod ( read below )

- did you put it like what the txt said , Not put cleo folder in cleo but put all subfolders . ( example Put Controller.cs or any files in Gta-Sa/cleo , not Gta-Sa/cleo/cleo
still fail ? ( read below )

- did you already download the cleo library ? , if not yet download it on http://cleo.li download for SA only !! And install it ( easy though )