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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


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SA-DX V 1.1
Arealis | 11.05.2021 | 11340

Comments: 6

I can see the gunfire's shadow on my gun's muzzle. Anybody know how to solve it?

V Graphics
Ethmods | 02.03.2020 | 779106

Comments: 6

For some reason, the explosions coming from weapons like rocket launchers and grenades are invisible when I'm using this mod. How can I fix it?

CGI v2 (Renderhook)
ctrlsec | 29.02.2020 | 19188

Comments: 6

For some reason, some elements like the houses aren't loading. I'm probably doing something wrong since I'm new to this whole ENB thing but is there anything I can do to solve this?

2005 Honda NSX-R
TerRaBite92 | 08.09.2019 | 14616

Comments: 6

Could you add a second model with the driver seat to the left?

Great work btw =)

Misterix 3 Mod (Myths X-Files)
T_Marx666 | 04.07.2019 | 17280

Comments: 6


 Quote: T_marx666

 Quote: Garrel

I found some issues while testing the mod:

UFO myth:
- Truth's car isn't explosion proof and since the flying saucer fires missles (many missles), making it to the abandoned airport is nearly impossible because the car explodes and if it not does explode, Truth dies.
- The game crashes if you try to get in/out of a Hunter (flying saucer). My guess is: the flying saucer model's lack of opening animation is causing the game to crash. Also, when I got far away from it, I saw the shape of a Seasparrow, what made me believe you used it's model as a base for the flying saucer's hitbox, size and all. I think it's opening/closing animation is conflicting with Hunter's.
- the flying saucer squadron are way easier to kill by picking a jetpack and firing at them with a micro-SMG than with explosions and the squad "leader" seems immortal (ignore this part if it was intended).

Red County Killer:
- His truck can be easily spotted even when you're far away from the spot where he appears, which makes him relativelly easy to kill.

Those are the bugs I've found so far. If I find anything else, I'll post here.

Thank you for commenting.
First, I deliberately made Truth's car to able to be destroyed with explosions. You have to destroy the first ufo before you reach the abandoned airport or truth's car will explode (yes, it's not a bug this one). I tested this part a lot of times and set the health of the first ufo very low, also Truth's car has a high health too to endure the many missiles that it may receive (I'll see if I can increase it).
I thought that leaving 2 of the invasion with more health but also weak to explosions was a good idea, I'll change that. The last one is immune to both guns and explosions, only that it has a lot of health.
I'll search for another ufo model since you noticed me that the one I used is causing problems (I also noticed the shape of the seasparrow, but I didn't know it crashes the game if you try to get in).

I'll add an opcode to make his truck appear only if you're close (not so close to be spotted by the killer though), but if I'm not wrong you cannot kill the killer nor destroy the truck until the cinematic is activated, so it didn't matter if you can see him from far, I'll check this too.

Once done I'll update this upload with the new one.

Hey dude, it's me again, I finally finished my bug report (yes, I tested ALL the myths as many ways as I could. I really liked your work so I wanted to help as much as possible) but I put it in a .txt file. Can I copy it and paste in your inbox?

Keep up the good work! =)