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Just another GTA player. Finding a Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 model for GTA:SA is my primary objective. What else?

Age: 20
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Volkswagen Scirocco R Sound Mod V2
Alaux, Driver San Francisco | 28.09.2019 | 944

Comments: 3

 Quote: Basitha144

So I made this lambo hurcane sound mod it’s mono and a wav file but when I put it in mod loader it won’t work the game switches back to its original sound.
Link for the mod I created
Please help
I downloaded the mod and tried it in my GTA, it didn't work either.
I checked some sounds on Audacity and they looked fine, so I thought that the only problem could have been that you selected the wrong .wav type, and it looks like I was right. I exported the revving sound as a Microsoft PCM WAV and it works just fine now, apart from having a low volume.
You see, there are two WAV types (at least as exporting options in Audacity), one being the Microsoft PCM WAV and the other being GSM 6.10 WAV for mobile devices. In order to get the sounds to work, you must export the sounds as Microsoft PCM WAVs, and you could also amplify them a bit.
That was most likely the issue. I checked the sound on a rush. Hope this helps.

Volkswagen Scirocco R Sound Mod
Alaux, Driver San Francisco | 17.09.2019 | 685

Comments: 3

A new version of the sound has been uploaded, with glitches fixed and some new sounds. Get it here:

BMW M3 GTR [E46] 2004
Hanan-SRB | 12.09.2019 | 40782

Comments: 3

This is, by far, the best M3 GTR I have found for SA. Thank you so much and congratulations.
Still, there's a little detail which upsets me, involving the IVF reverse lights not working properly: the texture of the physical light works just fine, but the "flash" effect (actual light) does not appear in it's place, but instead appears inside the car, inside the seats I think.
Apart from that, simply perfect.