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Welcome to my GTAinside userpage! Here you find some information about my live in Los Santos and Liberty City. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message.


Age: 25
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GTA IV Remastered Mod
dpzmahd950 | 23.01.2021 | 18136

Comments: 2

Okay, so I managed to trim down on the "hardcoded" effects: fxaa, lum shader, dof, blur, water reflections, leaf effects and partly the bloom which I believe got applied multiple times like why..., Also removed most of the calc in enbeffect other than the latter color adjustments: tone, vignette etc. These are the effects that took my FPS (went from 25 to 40 now) for little gain I think. So compromises were made to be able to run but still hell of a lot better than default GTA. Might worth including in package as LQ version... wink Thanks for the mod anyway.

GTA IV Remastered Mod
dpzmahd950 | 21.01.2021 | 18136

Comments: 2

Why is enbeffect.txt such a mess in every ENB mod, like it was edited by 100 people, in each mod shader drastically different. Difficult to remove effects that i don't like or even optimize... I don't need all the effects, just the clarity, textures, not faking hard coded motion blur WTF all this, do you even understand? No wonder it runs like crap. I don't mean to offend anyone, obviously it's old game.