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New HD Textures for Brown Streak Train

Autor: Pranjit Das | Email
Datum: 11.05.2021
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New HD Textures for Brown Streak Train


* Original textures by: Rockstar Games.
* Remastered into HD by: Pranjit Das.

(Please note: This mod was completely made by me from scratch using the original game textures as base, so there is no relation to any other mods or authors at all).



Hello guys and today I'm presenting one more cool mod for both GTA SA PC and Android users. So as you guys already know that when it comes to train replacements, most people like to replace the original models completely with some other high quality ones. But that's not always the best idea, because whoever playing GTA SA since childhood have an emotional relation to that old Brown Streak Train, so I decided to make this mod as a tribute to that legendary train.

This mod will replace the standard textures of the train with some brand new and higher quality ones made by me. Inspired from the HD Universe vehicles, this includes complete re-texturing of the whole body, new high quality lights and decals, new realistic rust effects from GTA V and several other changes like that which will make the train looks more better and realistic than the standard one of the game.

Can be use on both PC and Android, the new textures were designed in the exactly same way as the original game ones, so they will be fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game.


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das.

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New HD Textures for Brown Streak Train
New HD Textures for Brown Streak Train

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