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Flatcar Container CP Rail

Autor: Railworks 2 Train Simulator, Driver, Fernando33
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Datum: 04.09.2017
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The platform wagon is used for transportation of machinery, equipment, long cargo, containers, as well as other cargoes that do not require protection from atmospheric precipitation.
Two variants of container color - red and blue
Two color variants are plotted - yellow and red
It is possible to combine any combination of colors
GCU Modeling Team Work

For ease of choice, the archive contains screenshots of the model.

Select the txd file according to the desired color of the platform, yellow (yellow) or red (red). Next, rename the selected file to freiflat.txd

Select the dff file according to the desired color of the container, red (red) or blue (blue) Next rename the selected file to freiflat.dff

To install, use the IMG Tool. After opening gta3.img (located in the 'models' folder in the directory with the game), use the FIND command to locate and delete freiflat.dff and freiflat.txd files and insert the files from this archive with the ADD command.

It is also possible to install this car instead of the standard "freibox" covered wagon before renaming the files freiflat.dff and freiflat.txd to freibox.dff and freibox.txd, respectively. By default the car "freibox" does not appear in the traffic, for its correct display it needs to be prescribed by the SA Train Limiter utility in one of the trains.

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Flatcar Container CP Rail
Flatcar Container CP Rail

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