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Extended-vision Caboose

Autor: Fernando33,Railworks 2 Train Simulator, Driver
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Datum: 14.05.2017
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The wagon-galley was used on the North American railroad as a train carriage tracking for the safety of cargo and the safety of movement. He knelt at the end of the train and was compulsory for all freight trains until the 1980s. Later in connection with the mitigation of laws and the introduction of various electronic devices became optional. Now such cars are used for maintenance of railways. trains, trains carrying dangerous goods and on tourist routes.
The model is presented in three variants of color - gray, black and red
In the car can go through the doors at the ends of the car
The model may appear in a random skin (if it is installed instead of one of the standard models and with the installed Vehicle Remap plugin
Manually select one of the skins for use without script or additional ID

Read carefully and observe the installation procedure for the correct operation of the model in the game!

To install, please use IMGTool. Opening it gta3.img (located in the 'models' folder in the directory with the game).

1. Use the FIND command to find and delete the freibox.dff file and use the ADD command to paste the freibox.dff file from this archive.

2A. Install using Vehicle Remap.

Use the FIND command to locate and delete the freibox.txd file and insert the freibox.txd, freibox1.txd, and freibox2.txd files from the "txd (script)" folder using the ADD command.

2B. Installing with a choice is one of the skins (also these txd files for installing on additional IDs).

From the "txd (manual)" folder, select the txd file according to the desired color, gray, red (red), or black and rename the selected file to freibox.txd Use the FIND command to find and delete the freibox file. txd and the ADD command, insert the freibox.txd file with the selected skin.

By default, the "freibox" car does not appear in the traffic, so that it must be correctly displayed by SA Train Limiter in one of the formats. The wagon must be registered the last in freight trains.

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 Extended-vision Caboose

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