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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN

Autor: RealZolika1351
Datum: 12.08.2021
Downloads: 150714 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 4.985 MB

9.57 bei 21 Bewertungen

The only IV style trainer for SA currently, this mod will feel real familiar to the people who use my trainer for IV on a regular basis.

Default controls:
F7 - open/close menu
Num5 - enter menu
Num0 - exit menu
Num2/8 - scroll

Default hotkeys:
RCTRL + Num1 - Fix Car
RCTRL + Num2 - Flip Car
RCTRL + Num3 - Clean Car
RCTRL + F2 - Toggle Special Godmode
Semicolon - Infinite Ammo
0 - Always Godmode
Apostrophe - Move forward through door
Square bracket left - Never Wanted
Square bracket right - Car Speedup
F6 - Airbreak

Move forward through door
Car Speedup
Fly holding middle mouse

Set interior ID
Save/Load teleport coordinates
Warp out of car
Teleport into nearest seat

Car spawning (any model, including manual input, story cars and populated cars e.g. cops, ambulance)
Ped spawning (any model, including manual input, includes settings to make them recruitable, godmode, set accuracy & firerate, weapon)
Clone player (as regular ped or as a player with inputs)
Player model (any model, including manual input)
IPL loader

Vehicle Options
Special car godmode (no engine damage)
Car fix loop
Disable damage
Disable visible damage
Never dirty
Force engine on
Spinning car
Fuck up car
Cycle through passenger seats
Car buoyancy
Fuck car completely
Bouncy car
Set dirt level
Delete car
Lock/unlock doors
Freeze/unfreeze car
Car visible/invisible
Car solid/nonsolid
Rainbow colors
Open/close/repair/detach any doors & other parts
Warp forward/backward
Make car spin
Set color (all 4 colors)
Set livery
Fast cornering
Advanced fast cornering
Gravity modifier
Drive on Walls

Special godmode
Always godmode
Health loop godmode
Never wanted
Unlimited ammo
No reload
Never tired
Save game anywhere
Coordinates display
Give health
Give armor
Give full ammo
Give full clip
Increase/decrease wanted level
Lock/unlock camera
Unlock all islands
Fast reload
Free healthcare
Get out of jail free
Unlock all interiors
Infinite weapon range
Select weapons with number keys
Auto super sprint
Auto leanbug
Auto bike pedal
Enable autoaim for all weapons e.g. minigun
No wasted bullets (stop shooting once target is dead)
Auto change autoaim target
Invert left/right stick X/Y
Add money
Kill/explode all cars/peds/specific ped types
Delete all cars/peds in area
Change camera FOV
Enable/disable gang wars
Disable random gang attacks
Trigger offensive/defensive gang war
End current gang war
Spawn gang war attackers/defenders
Change fat, muscle, max health, respect, driving skill, flying skill, bike skill and lung capacity
Ped wallhack (shows almost any property e.g. model, health, weapon, ammo, godmode flags)
Car wallhack (shows almost any property e.g. model, health, colors, door lock, godmode flags)
Object wallhack (shows almost any property e.g. model, health, dynamic/static, scale, godmode flags)
Building wallhack
Info display (show a bunch of useful info about the game, session, player, car, etc.)
Cars never locked (unlock all locked mission cars)
Free cutscenes/camera (also gives control in actual cutscenes)
Traffic density
Spawn coop player
Change player elasticity
Drive task
Hyper sprint
No traffic traction
Unlock max speed
All peds drop more money ($32767)
Remove godmode from all mission entities
Delete all dynamic objects/buildings (very unstable)
Bouncy cars
Hard mode (enemies 100% accurate, have infinite range and fire as fast as they can)
Infinite weapon radius
Spawn balla line
Make all entities targettable
Rainbow traffic
Static radar (like Yakuza)
Enable any in-game cheat directly without flagging your save as cheated
Change gravity

Weapons pack 1-3 (same as the cheats)
Give any weapon manually
Change active weapon's type without changing weapon model
Give jetpack
Max out or clear all weapon skill
Remove all weapons

Set any clothes item and texture onto any body part, including unused clothes models

Time & Weather
Set time to a preset 12:00, 7:00, 21:00 or 0:00, or manually scroll the time to anything you want
Set timescale
Set weather (including unused/invalid weathers)
Set timer length (1000 default, 2000 GTA IV, 60000 real world time length)
Freeze time/weather
Ability to set time to negative values
Sync time with system time
Change current day & days passed

Trainer Settings
Move the trainer anywhere, change its width and length, and change text scale
Change middle mouse fly, airbreak or rainbow speed
Toggle trainer keybinds, custom keybinds and middle mouse fly on/off
Disable menu keys when tabbed out
Change aspect ratio of the trainer to any custom value if required

Mission Loader
Load any mission from the game including minigames and the intro
Cancel any running mission

Type in any GXT entry and get the localized string out
Show the virtual controller buttons' current state
Play any cutscene from the game

Object Spawning
Spawn any object from the game, including added objects with manual input
Move spawned objects anywhere, either relative to rotation or absolute by world space
Set spawned objects onto ground
Set spawned objects scale, rotation, dynamic state, visibility, collision, delete them, clone them or change their model keeping all properties
Teleport to spawned objects
Save all objects to an objects.ini to load back later

Chaos mod but better (kappa) with 200+ effects and Twitch voting support

Memory Editing
Edit any HUD color in real time

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Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN
Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN Zolika1351's Trainer REWRITTEN

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