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fastman92 limit adjuster 6.0

Autor: fastman92
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Datum: 31.05.2020
Downloads: 30448 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 20.95 MB

9.88 bei 73 Bewertungen

Like many other games, GTA has limits that may later need to be increased as the modding community grows.
This limit adjuster gives you that opportunity.

Furthermore, it hacks some limits that were once deemed impossible to be hacked because of their complexity, as the ID limits itself took over 5000 lines of code to hack.
An example of these limits would be the ID limits, weapon limits, handling.cfg limits & cargrp.dat limit.
Map limits are also hacked. This means bigger maps with more cities.

Supported games: GTA III, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA LCS, GTA IV, GTA V, Bully Scholarship Edition.

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Latest changes:

** 6.0, March 26, 2021
- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA LCS 2.4, plugin loader fixed. No more problem with getting a root path directory

** 5.9, March 25, 2021
- ANDROID_ARM32, Bully SE, Documentation Excel file didn't have this game included. Problem fixed.
- ANDROID_ARM32, (GTA SA 1.08), (SPECIAL -> Fix HAL crashing on devices with Android 11 and higher) fixed.

** 5.8, March 25, 2021
- ANDROID_ARM32, (GTA SA 1.08, GTA SA 2.0, GTA LCS 2.4, Bully SE, (SPECIAL -> Fix HAL crashing on devices with Android 11 and higher) implemented.
Game cannot not be run on devices with Android 11, for example Pixel 5 devices.
The FLA solves this problem.

- ANDROID_ARM32, Bully SE, support implemented for this game version and ready to use
- (ANDROID_ARM32, ANDROID_ARM64, ANDROID_X86, ANDROID_X64), global exception handler has got stack dump implemented
- WIN_X86, GTA SA 1.0 HOODLUM, (MAP LIMITS -> Paths map size) bug fixed in CPathFind::CalcRoadDensity
- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA SA 2.0, (OTHER LIMITS -> Coronas), bug fixed

** 5.7, March 2, 2021
- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA SA 2.0, (ROADBLOCK LIMITS -> Apply roadblox.dat better loader) implemented
- WIN_X64, GTA 5, global exception handler now working
- WIN_X86 & WIN_X64, global exception handler has got stack dump implemented
- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA SA 2.0, (IPL -> Entry exits) implemented.
- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA SA 2.0, (MAP LIMITS -> Apply paths limit patch, Paths map size) implemented.
This required many months of work and brought a lot of progress to the project.

Warning: racing won't work. CCarCtrl::SteerAICarWithPhysicsFollowPath is not altered properly. This could be done later.
Everything else should work as expected.

- GTA SA, new better simplified path format introduced. Alignment problem of path structures fixed.
GTA map file renamer can convert standard GTA SA files into new format for testing.

- ANDROID_ARM32, GTA III 1.8 & GTA VC 1.09, 'STREAMING -> Memory available' implemented

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fastman92 limit adjuster 6.0
fastman92 limit adjuster 6.0

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