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Autor: jheb
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Datum: 12.11.2017
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- Automatically save your settings on every submit, or you can save manually by pressing save button.
- Will automatically type action command like /do, /ame if needed to improve/enhance roleplay.
/me hands the registered documents to the officer
- Will automatically type out of chat command in rush like /siren binds if you unable to chat properly while driving.
- Added [Enter] checkbox to ensure that you need to input some text (if unchecked) like nickname into the chat like:
[Hotkey] [Chat/Command] [Enter]
[Alt+1] [Hello. mechanic is here, are you] [ ]
So, when you press [Alt+1] it will text you into chat above without enter and you can type the next text like 'Jheb Krueger who call me on phone?' and then press enter.
-Added hotstring to enhance your roleplay, changing the text as hotstring to another message. shorter the messages if you use it multiple of times
[-mech-][Hi mechanic zhai is here, where is your location ?][x]
[qqq][t/ame indicates left <<<][x]
[eee][t/ame indicates right >>>][x]
Whenever you type "-mech-" in your textbox, it will automatically changed to "Hi mechanic zhai is here, where is your location ?". So if you write a sms like "/sms 1181388 -mech-" it will changed to "/sms 1181388 Hi mechanic zhai is here, where is your location ?" and the enter key is pressed automatically.
whenever you press [q] or [e] 3times, you will automatically send "/ame indicates left <<<" or "right >>>".

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SAMP Macro

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