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fastman92 IMG Console 2.2

Autor: fastman92
Webseite | Email
Datum: 20.07.2015
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This open-source tool, easy to use IMG Console allows to create/modify GTA IMG archives with simplicity.
And two modes are available: interactive mode and script mode.
In interactive mode you can type commands from keyboard and execute in command prompt.
Script mode will be useful for modders who want to create automatic modification of IMG archives and depends on script file.
An application works with more one version of IMG archives:

• version 1 (GTA III, GTA VC, GTA III Mobile)
• version 2 (GTA SA)
• version 3 (GTA IV)
• version fastman92_GTASA

IMG archive of max 8 terabytes is supported.
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Latest changes:
** 2.2, 20-07-2015
- fixed bug with encryption, the 2.1 version would produce corrupt encrypted data

** 2.1, 19-07-2015
- removed a useless debugging code when opening the IMG archive version 3
- bug with saving a list of files in IMG version 1 or fixed.
- bug with setting the default encryption and compression type for IMG formats that haven't these features, fixed.
- fixed 8 TB IMG archive support.
- added setArchiveMetadataEncryption command

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