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Ped Remover ( Blank Models )

Autor: AkmalGreGet
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Datum: 03.04.2016
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Ped Remover ( Blank Skin )


This is a mod to remove ped in the game, for example, you want to eliminate ped gangs groove street ( fam1 ), you just rename two files in the folder "Blank Skin Ped " to fam1.dff and fam1.txd, and then you enter into gta3.img you, then it will disappear character digame no trace.

if you want to go there again, import fam1.dff and fam1.txd original to your gta3.img, or download the mod skin and rename to fam1.dff and fam1.txd.
* It is advisable to backup files models that will be eliminated.


Ini adalah mod untuk menghilangkan ped di dalam game, misalnya kamu ingin menghilangkan ped gangs groove street ( fam1 ), kamu tinggal rename 2 file didalam folder " Blank Skin Ped " ke fam1.dff dan fam1.txd, terus kamu masukan ke gta3.img kamu, nanti digame karakter itu akan menghilang tak ada jejaknya.

bila ingin ada lagi, tinggal masukan skin original fam1.dff dan fam1.txd, atau download mod skin terus rename ke nama fam1.dff dan fam1.txd
* Disarankan untuk backup file models yang akan dihilangkan terlebih dahulu.

NAME ALL PED IN GTASA : ( "Skin Model Name" )
INSTALL : CHECK HOW TO INSTALL, ABOVE ! < Cek cara install diatas >
Sorry for my bad english

Do not use these models to the skin selector, because later on would be an error. < ENGLISH >
Jangan memakai models ini ke skin selector, soalnya nanti pasti akan error. < INDONESIAN >

Author : AkmalGreGet
Ikey07 ( Invisible part )

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Ped Remover ( Blank Models )

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