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GTA V North Yankton Cop

Autor: TheNathanNS
Datum: 20.05.2015
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GTA V North Yankton Cop

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description
This mod brings a cop from Grand Theft Auto V to GTA San Andreas.

The North Yankton Police only make one appearence in the entire game, the prologue. Where they can be seen trying to take down Michael, Trevor and Brad.

Due to the NYPD's one time appearence, they only have one model and a load of heads.

They aren't seen again in GTA V. Unless you mod it of course.

Check the other txt provided if you want some more North Yankton mods for GTA SA. (Not all are made by me)

Depending on what you want to do with this skin, the installation varies.

Want this cop to be a ped?

Visit for a list of all the peds in GTA SA and their model names and replace them in the gta3.img

Want to play as the North Yankton cop?

Download CLEO skin selector and add his files to the skin.img.

3.) Bugs

I noticed a minor deformation bug when running while muscular. This is due to the model being fatter (the thick coat) than usual skins.

4.) Credits

Ripped from GTA V by TheNathanNS
Rigged for GTA SA by TheNathanNS

Feel free to use this in any packs, just credit me.

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GTA V North Yankton Cop
GTA V North Yankton Cop GTA V North Yankton Cop GTA V North Yankton Cop

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