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Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus)

Autor: makar64 | Email
Datum: 24.06.2019
Downloads: 5740 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 131.348 MB

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This pack will be put on hold in regards to Splatoon 3! The pack will be updated with new characters from that game. Also the pack is now updated to include optional weapon skins. See you in 2022!

*6/05/2021: Added in missing Power Armor Boy from the first Splatoon game, fixed Female Agent 8 missing leg band, Spyke in his Splatoon 2 attire, Mr. Grizz, and Grizzco Uniform for Inklings and Octolings, each with different haircuts for diversity. This is definitely the final update for now because there were some missing models I noticed just now and had to quickly add them in.

*2/17/2021: Added in more Jellyfish seen in the background, including a fat one and a child one. Also add in the weapons from Splatoon 1 and 2 as skin replacements.

*9/03/2020: Added in Inklings and Octolings in their respective Amiibo costumes. Includes Samurai Boy, School Uniform Girl, Power Armor Boy, School Cardigan Girl, Squininja Boy, Power Armor MKI Boy, Pearliscent Girl, Marinated Girl, Enchanted Girl, Steel Armor Boy, and Fresh Fish Boy

*5/24/2020: Apologies for inactivity. Updated for the sake of Recent Splatfest. Added more Playable Octoling varieties, Marie's pet Shellfish, and Kyoto costumes of Off the Hook and Squid Sisters; slightly altered Enemy Octoling models; fixed Salmonid textures and Goldie model rigging

*9/09/2019: added in Sanitized Splatoon 2 bosses, as well as Moe and Craymond without their hosts; fixed skin toned of the Blue team to match their in-game render; and fixed lens texture of MC Craig (also known as Captain Cuttlefish), Callie's casual wear, and C.Q.Cumber's body texture.

*8/25/2019: added in more variety of Inklings and playable Octolings, Kraken, and all Octoweapon Bosses from Splatoon 1 and 2; texture fixes on Deep Sea Jellyfish and enemy Octolings; and (not noticeable) correct riggings on Squid Sisters and Off the Hook.

*7/21/2019: added in Off the Hook in their Halloween, Frosty Fest, and Final Fest.

After a year and a half of rigging, compiling, and testing, this skin pack is finally finish! This pack includes all our denizens including specific Inklings and Octolings seen in promotional materials plus Super Smash Bros Ultimate, all Octarians including their Sanitized counterparts, popstars Squid Sisters and Off the Hook including their other outfits, singleplayer characters, the Blue team from the manga, and more; plus a certain character from a certain YouTube series.

Pack includes:
-Inklings seen in promotional materials and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
-Playable Octolings seen in promotional materials
-Grizzco Inklings and Octolings
-Callie (4 variants)
-Marie (3 variants)
-Pearl (6 variants)
-Marina (6 variants)
-Cap'n Cuttlefish (2 variants)
-DJ Octavio (2 variants, plus sizes and custom Sanitized)
-Agent 3 (Male and Female, 3 variants)
-Agent 4 (Male and Female)
-Agent 8 (Male and Female)
-Inkling Squid form (all based on Amiibos)
-Octoling Octopus form
-C.Q. Cumber
-Iso Padre
-Annie (with Moe)
-Flow (with Craymond)
-Sheldon (2 variants)
-Crusty Sean (2 variants)
-Lil' Judd
-Mr. Grizz
-Commander Tartar (2 variants)
-Jellyfish (countless variants)
-Octoling (2 variants, plus Sanitized)
-Octoling Elite (2 variants, plus Sanitized)
-Octarian Octopus form (plus Sanitized)
-Octotrooper (plus Sanitized)
-Octodiver (plus Sanitized)
-Twintacle Trooper (plus Sanitized)
-Twintacle Diver (plus Sanitized)
-Twintacle Deluxe (plus Sanitized)
-Octocopter (including Boss variants and Sanitized)
-Octocopter Deluxe (plus Sanitized)
-Octobomber (plus Sanitized)
-Octobomber Deluxe (plus Sanitized)
-Octosniper (plus Sanitized)
-Octoball (plus Sanitized)
-Octostamp (plus Sanitized)
-Octostriker (plus custom Sanitized)
-Octocommander (plus Sanitized)
-Octohurler (plus Sanitized)
-Octopod (plus Sanitized)
-Tentakook (plus Sanitized)
-Missile Octocopter (plus custom Desanitized)
-Speedy Missile Octocopter (plus custom Desanitized)
-Octostomp (plus Sanitized)
-Octo Oven (plus Sanitized)
-Octo Samurai (plus Sanitized)
-Neo Octostomp (3 variants, plus Sanitized)
-Octo Shower (plus Sanitized)
-Boss Chum
-Mad Chum
-Inkling Kraken
-Mini Zapfish
-Super Seasnail
-Marie's pet Shellfish
-All Denizens of the Deep species
-Blue Team from the Splatoon 2 Manga
-A special guest star from a certain Youtube Series

Splatoon models belong to Nintendo
Video below by Sanchez Escoba-Daniel (subscribe to that channel)

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Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus)
Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus) Splatoon Skin Pack v8 (Hiatus)

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