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Thief: Freaks

Autor: nostalgiatimegames
Datum: 21.04.2018
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hello there evreyone and today im presenting THE FREAKS ;) from THIEF the Freaks are violent shadow-dwelling humanoid creatures. They were accidentally created through experiments with Primal energy on the patients at Moira Asylum along with the influence of Erin during her suffering and madness. They have a mix of animal and zombie-like qualities, do not like light, and are very difficult to kill except through flames or blasts. They have strong resistances against the blackjack, broadhead arrows, and sawtooth arrows, but are extremely vulnerable to: blast arrows, fire arrows and flash bombs . Freaks also take slight damage when in light, though they usually flee from it. If caught standing in light for too long they can actually combust and perish. ;) i hope you enjoy :D please remember if you have requests please tell me the comments or by pm requests are accepted but do require a donation which i will use to buy better software and high quality models you can donate to me at :D as per always please feel free to edit and share my mods just give me credit :D

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Thief: Freaks

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