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Drill Sergeant Peppah

Autor: nonco | Email
Datum: 02.08.2017
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Do you have a weak Military? Do you need to give them the proper motivation?! Well, I am proud to introduce you to the one and Only Sergeant Peppah! As a little backstory, Sgt. Peppah made a few appearances in GTA: Vice city Stories, as well as the guy who ordered Corporal (Vic) Vance to be discharged from the US Army. Sgt. Peppah was meant to be a United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor during the early beta of Vice City Stories, but since it was changed to Army (like in Vice City) Rockstar never bothered to reskin him into an Army looking Drill Sergeant. So that's why many people believed Peppah to be a Marine, but hey! he'll stomp out your Troops' guts like any other Instructor! Enjoy!

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Drill Sergeant Peppah
Drill Sergeant Peppah Drill Sergeant Peppah Drill Sergeant Peppah Drill Sergeant Peppah

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