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Ben 10

Autor: Tabris/Gamers
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Datum: 12.06.2017
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Another model,another fail
The model was made by skuddbutt he was the one that made the model of Gwen sadly this model had the legs overlapping which created a bug wile porting and wile i could have disamble the model and separate the legs most people make the male models divided in 4 parts like head,legs,arms,and torso this was the same with Ryu S2 that's the reason i couldn't fix it because if i mark one leg everything wil be marked not like female models you can reposition each leg and each arm as you please.

Finally i learned that the problem with the Gwen 10 model was because of 3ds max,it wasn't kam script it was 3ds max,it seems that 3ds max doesn't save properly the obj with the materials so when you save and load they will work fine but once you port something to gta (or other game) it will create the texture bug seen on Gwen 10,i already learned how to fix it and this model of ben was my testbed and worked perfectly (without taking into account the legs bug)

Is a small ped as it should,i uploaded this just for collection purposes and because is the only model of ben 10 available up to now.
Download and enjoy.
Remember you are free to fix and upload but you have to give credits.
All my models are to be uploaded only gtainside i said this on my site so i won't allow reuploads to other sites and if i allow it will be announced on my site (someone with the nickname kinoman is uploading this to other sites which i haven't allowed and not even asking or putting the right info with links to my site)

Sorry about the ranting and thanks for enjoying the models.

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Ben 10

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