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Gamers Kokonoe

Autor: Tabris/gamers
Datum: 09.06.2017
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Dateigröße: 4.294 MB

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Well a little model from ourselves well i heard someone saying that gta sa crashed after loading peds with more than 7500 faces using fastman92 limit adjuster because normally the game allowed only models up to 5000 faces,well i tried using fastman92 LA but it didn't work because it crashed halfway through using the same setup as sackys limit adjuster wwhich is weird because sala loaded everyhting perfectly finewith the same setup so i gave up on fastman LA,so i tested this model with sala and open limit adjuster and they work perfectly fine the model loads fine without problems.
Maybe some of you are wondering wwhat does this has to do with the model well just to shake you a bit this model have more then 100k faces you could say this unique model has the same faces ammount as all the default peds together this is why i advice you grab open limit adjuster or you will have problems when using this model.

This has some bug on the legs and the hair but is mainly because they are too close to each part if you know how to fix that you are welcome to do it just give credits

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Gamers Kokonoe

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