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Elin Maid v2

Autor: diegoforfun/Gamers
Datum: 05.06.2017
Downloads: 2410 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.771 MB

Bewertung: Deaktiviert

Well an updated version of the elin maid with the so needed fixes,because diegoforfun didn't attach properly the textures.

Well i asked to diego to fix those errors he made while doing the ped but he used his excuses of "i'm busy doing this" or i'm on leave" and like that so he didn't do anything.
Since i really liked this model i fixed it on my own i grabed the moderl and put it on 3ds max (main reason of why modders shopuldn't lock their dff or txd is because if they are lazy someone that knows the "how to" can fix the model at anytime) and started to attach the textures properly since this is a really detailed model i made a little mistake but is barelly noticeable.

So download and enjoy.

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Elin Maid v2
Elin Maid v2 Elin Maid v2

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