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Indiana Jones Outfit

Autor: LeatherJacketSoldier
Datum: 08.05.2021
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Dateigröße: 30.652 MB

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Hello, community!! I'm LeatherJacketSoldier, from GTAForums. This is my first mod brought here to GTAInside, but there's a thing about this mod and future ones that you ought to know: almost all of them are based on someone else's jobs, so corresponding credit for placeholders is inside every Readme.txt you can see.

Indiana Jones Outfit

It includes the fedora (replacing Binco's Cowboy Hat), Zip's Beige Khakis with police holster (replacing Zip's Beige Khakis), the white shirt with rolled-up sleeves (replacing CJ's default White Tank Top), and the opened brown leather jacket with the shirt inside (replacing Binco's Combat Jacket). This new version comes with a modified main.scm, which changes default clothing, default haircut and default muscle, resulting in a much cleaner game in terms of clothing (details in "Read first!.txt").
Also, a replacement for BEATS file in San Andreas' "audio" folder is included, which has three modified sounds to get you in the "Indy vibe" (more information in "Read first!.txt").

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Indiana Jones Outfit
Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit Indiana Jones Outfit

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