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All Missions Completed

Autor: Razor Vermillion
Datum: 20.02.2016
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All Missions Completed (ZERO STATS AND PROGRESS) Save Game

You just Begun your adventure in Air Port and must find a living!
There is no story, you can make your story or just record what you love to do.
it's like GTA: Online when you first start but without cash and a gun.

No Houses brought!
No Stats gained!
No Gangwars and Gangs don't attack unless you do something stupid!

(Also vehicles all imported to docks, so you could by those vehicles if you have a custom names for vehicles)

(All 50 Oysters Collected so that if you have girlfriends or anything for that matter, you don't have to worry about the one you love rejecting you.)

+Update! Now all gangs are not all in the same place.
now they have their own places and turfs.

Also there is a Map listing the gangs of the area but there is no gang wars.

+Fixed Basket Ball Glitch and Gym Glitch
+Fixed Traffic driving backwards

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All Missions Completed
All Missions Completed All Missions Completed All Missions Completed All Missions Completed All Missions Completed

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