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The King Of San Andreas 100% Savegame [original] Modded

Autor: danitheking95
Datum: 13.11.2020
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Dateigröße: 10.47 MB

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This is my save "The King of San Andreas 100% Original modded"

this is the same save than the original but modded.

in this save u have :

- $1 billions dollars
- fast loading for weapons
- godmode
- all vehicules in garage and hangars is tuned and bulletproof, explosionproof, fireproof, collisionproof
- gangs have new weapons and more powerful weapons
- CJ and grove streets gangs rules all san andreas 100% gang territory control (even area 69 ;D !!)

For the mods:

This is a mod (for cj having sex with all girls wat he want in the streets) !

target some girl on the street // aim without a weapon
give her $100 and press spacebar on the keyboard
later prees e

other mod for smoking + drinking : press Tab + G for smoking, press Tab + H for drinking

- copy cleo and modloader in your gta sa root folder. (for boths mod)

- for skin mod and ufo mod it's a automatically installer with (mod manager installer)

+ bonus mod weapons at grove street "copy and paste to in you're cleo folder"

+ bonus mod for real colour cars, copy folder data in your gta sa root folder !!

Instatllation copy folder GTASAsf1.b and paste to the document/gta sa userfiles.

have fun :D !!

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The King Of San Andreas 100% Savegame [original] Modded
The King Of San Andreas 100% Savegame [original] Modded

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